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About Us

The School of Business Administration is an academic unit with a staff of 16 full-time professors, who are highly qualified teacher-scholars. ECIEM is a highly diverse and vibrant school: our 14 Ph.Ds. faculty members include nationals from Europe, and several countries in North, Central and South America. The remainder two has Master degrees. In addition, most faculties have received advanced education and training in Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia. The faculty, in tandem with the full-time professors, carries out research and outreach activities.

The School features programs in Business Administration, and Information Engineering and Management Control as well as Master´s in Business Studies and Master´s in Business Administration degrees.

The School also offers training programs and diplomas geared towards those who are working or soon to be in professional and executive positions in the areas of business, finance, management control, and also to those who wish to learn about modern management approaches. These programs are offered through the Training and Employment Unit (Unidad de Capacitación y Nexo Laboral in Spanish). This Unit also supports alumni integration into the labor market.

The educational component of this project is closely linked with the community through outreach activities, technical assistance and multidisciplinary research. Our students have a strong background in Economics, including micro and macroeconomics, and in Business Administration with emphasis in finance, marketing, human resources and strategic management. They also have extensive knowledge in basic sciences, management of computational tools, quantitative modeling as well as English skills.

Our professionals demonstrate successful development in the areas of management, consulting or business assessment and the economic sphere, in public or private enterprises, producing goods or services, in hallmark leadership, entrepreneurship, communication skills and decision making, teamwork, in addition to being adaptable to different scenarios and manageability.