Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration


Director: Andrés Araya Rosales

Teléfono: (56-51) 2209967


Secretaria: Ana Pizarro

Teléfono: (56-51) 2209729


Magíster en Administración


The Master of Business Administration is specifically designed to executives, so they are able to make complex decisions in organizations at both national and international levels. The program also includes classes that teach students leadership, negotiation, communication, and teamwork skills. A Master level student is also expected to undertake several tasks linked to the formulation and development of plans, their implementation and control. The students will have a solid ethical foundation and a great understanding of the different processes and problems that organizations face.

A graduate of the program is expected to work in executive or senior roles, including entrepreneurial or consultant positions, in all types of organizations, at a public and private level, and also nationally or abroad.

The Master of Business Administration program has a specific focus on globalization and international businesses; and therefore it considers the participation of internationally-trained domestic and foreign professors.

Program Objectives
The Master of Business Administration is mainly targeted to executives who would like to excel in their professional careers. It is also an alternative path available to undergraduate students from the Catholic University of the North (Spanish: Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN)) who also would like to strengthen their business acumen and abilities. The program maintains several formal instances of collaboration with the professional world, and it also contributes to the regional and national productive environment by the development of students´ thesis.

Addressed to
The program is targeted to graduate students and professionals with a minimum of 8 semesters from accredited universities both in Chile or abroad.