Master of Science in Business

Master of Science in Business


Director: Pablo Pinto Cornejo

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Secretaria: Ana Pizarro

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Magíster en Administración


The Master of Science in Business Studies (MaCE) at the Catholic University of the North (Spanish: Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN)), is an academic program that aims to train researchers who can contribute to the production of knowledge in the area of business administration.

A graduate of the program is expected to work in executive or senior roles, including entrepreneurial or consultant positions, in all types of organizations, at a public and private level, and also nationally or abroad.

Through this program, the School of Business Administration prepares students for professional excellence, giving them the opportunity to deepen disciplinary knowledge and build broader skills, with an emphasis on quantitative research methods. The MaCE curriculum aims to combine fundamental tools with core concepts in the area of business administration. The program has three foci: 1) a solid foundation in research methods, 2) the study of recent theoretical developments within the business administration field, and 3) a supervised research project that integrates both theory and practice.

Program Objectives
The Master of Science in Business Studies aims to contribute to the scientific training of professionals and researchers in the rea of business administration, providing them with a rigorous and systematic approach to the understanding of applied science in organizations.

Addressed to
The program is aimed at graduates or professionals with equivalent university studies (minimum 8 semesters) in the area of administration and/or engineering who are interested to contributing to the scientific work and development of organizations of different sizes.

Study plan
The curriculum of the Master of Science in Business considers twelve courses, including four seminars for the preparation of a Master thesis. Three courses are intended give students with a solid methodological foundation. The remaining five courses are intended to complement the students’ theoretical training in the area of business administration, so they are able to clearly state a research problem and formulate a coherent theoretical framework for a thesis proposal.

Through the Thesis Seminar I, II, III and IV, students will be able to develop a "Master Thesis", which is an original research project in business administration. The Thesis Seminar II will culminate in a working research paper, which is clearly focused and it has been operationalized into a relevant research question.

The Thesis Seminar IV will culminate in a journal article. This final version of the research paper, the "Master Thesis", must be defended in a public meeting by the student in front of a Graduate Commission.