Commitment to our community

The School of Business Administration holds several activities in connection with its community. The School’s academics and students engage with the community in four different ways:

At a student level there is a formal process of pre-professional practice (internship program) for which a student can access regional companies and organisms within the public sector. The Training and Employment Unit is in charge of facilitating this process as well as collaborating in the employment search by graduates of the School.

At a graduate level, ECIEM actively participates in social networks through the site Ex-alumni Ingeco UCN (Spanish: Ex-alumnos Ingeco UCN). This allows for better contact with alumni while facilitating a two-way information flow in real time. Publications on this website promote a wider degree of coverage, including training and outreach activities, job opportunities, and UCN/ECIEM news, among others.

In terms of outreach, the Unit develops a series of systematic outreach activities, including studies, consultancy works, and professional training courses. ECIEM also participates in several Directories and sectoral roundtables of the main regional business groups such as CIDERE, the Chilean Chamber of Construction, and the Regional Production Development Corporation (CRDP). ECIEM is also an active consultant to the Regional Government for economic and productive development matters. ECIEM also directs the Coquimbo Region chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in Chile.

In terms of research, scholars present their studies in a multitude of areas, including Academic Journals and prestigious Conferences, both in Chile and abroad.